About us

Welcome to Yes You Do.

Our Necklace Utopia in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia.

Our sole focus and passion is Necklaces and bringing the best to you.

From our base here amongst the trees our team are constantly searching high and low to bring you the best quality, vibrant, colourful and beautiful Necklaces that you will love.

We get really excited when we find something to share with you and can't wait to show them off.

We believe life should be fun, full of colour and beautiful things.

Here at Yes You Do we believe that you deserve to be surrounded by beautiful things everyday. You deserve to wear them. You deserve to use them and you deserve to own them. We want you to feel fabulous. We want you to love and express your own style.

Please don't wait to treat yourself, to buy that special item you have had your eye on, to live the life that you want and you deserve. Don't save something for a special occasion, everyday of your life is a special occasion. You are a special occasion. Wear it and own it today.

You truly do deserve everything your heart desires. Yes You Do.


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